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 EVO FORUM RULES (please read first!)

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EVO FORUM RULES (please read first!) Empty
PostSubject: EVO FORUM RULES (please read first!)   EVO FORUM RULES (please read first!) EmptyMon Oct 26, 2009 6:57 am

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read these rules!

  • DO NOT post any 2NE1 news on the forum. Its not allowed here.
    All news goes to the 21EVO.COM blog. That's what the blog is for. Admin/MODS will delete news that is posted asap. If you have news to share you can inform us on the chatbox here or the main site. We check it as much as we can.

  • Please observe proper decorum around here. Refrain from cursing and bashing too much.

  • NO sexual images or pornographic pictures, videos etc. This is a family friendly site.

  • No Spamming- spamming the same posts on forum and chatbox is prohibited.!!

  • About Advertising
    We have put a thread up called THE MARKET if you want to share your PERSONAL BLOG to others.
    You are only allowed to advertise personal blogs not websites/other forums that youre only a member of.

    Keep posts related to the topic at all times.
    Please post in ENGLISH. Be considerate about other people who cannot understand your language.
    Reply or post with atleast more than 2 sentences to make it interesting for everyone.
    Please type properly. Do not type using the "texting" way. i.e. "wsup, I LaV 2n31 sOwMuCh!"

    Please do not quote long posts, images or videos. Atleast try to edit it and cut it short if you are quoting someone's reply.

    You can use avatars and 2 signatures. Please do not use obscene ones.

  • TRY not to bash other groups,sites.
    We really wont completely stop you from voicing your own opinions out. Just do it on the right thread:
    Go to the STRESS RELIEVER THREAD if you want to de-stress, rant or rave about something!
    Thats the only place where you can rant if you are angry with your neighbours dog etc. That thread is heavily moderated.

    You can link news articles here from 21evo.com of course!
    Linking pictures is okay.

Dont forget to READ and FOLLOW these rules. HAVE FUN!!

These rules are subject to change.

albino-- its tamtammie!

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EVO FORUM RULES (please read first!)
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